BP, Shell, Chevron Spewing Oily Lies

May 25 2010

As pointed out by Bristol (UK) Indymedia, Shell has tried to cleanse its dirty business with cultural grants. It sponsored the Bristol Natural History Museum’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition (2007) while simultaneously menacing wildlife, like the bird pictured here. In Africa, Shell’s environmental record in the Niger Delta is the stuff of civil […]

Green Screens?

Jan 11 2010

As cathode ray tubes disappear, electronics companies are only beginning to reach comparable levels of energy use with their flashy flat screen TVs.

Labeling Things Green

Jan 07 2010

Home Depot plans to label products that they judge to be environmentally friendly, using the name “Eco Option.” Yet more than 90 percent of the products in the line are already on Home Depot’s shelves. While this is probably a step forward, the self-regulatory trajectory that this labeling is taking in the United States raises […]

Recycling Issues

Jan 07 2010

Does recycling really make a difference for the environment? While most people believe so, some don’t. Con The Utter Waste of Recycling By Alan Caruba. Pro Does Recyling Really Help? Some responses from student readers. [The latter] is a very interesting article on landfills (but long with small font so remember to exercise your eyes!) […]

Periodic Days of Action

Jan 07 2010

The National Day of Action on Climate Change took place Saturday, April 14th, 2007, around the United States. Author Bill McKibben, the main organizer of the day’s approximately 1,400 separate demonstrations across the U.S., spoke at Battery Park in southern Manhattan. The crowd of 3,000-5,000 people wore blue as part of the Sea of People […]

Technological ‘Solutions’

Jan 07 2010

Various academics with elite pedigrees have argued in the journal Foreign Affairs that technological solutions like spreading reflective dust in space will be the inevitable result of the contemporary failures of governments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Almost passed over in the discussion, however, is the crucial fact that such superficial solutions would not reduce […]

The Future of Food

Jan 07 2010

This documentary directed by Deborah Koons-Garcia is a testament to how well agribusiness and biotech industry have hidden the dangers of recent trends in food technology, gene engineering, monoculture farming, and transgenic Frankenfood.

What is Greenwashing?

Jan 07 2010

Because corporations operate globally, and abuses may happen far away, consumers are dependent on governments, the press, and watchdog organizations for critical information about environmental transgressions. Rather than fill that need, many politicians and news organizations have looked the other way. These are, after all, the same corporations making campaign contributions and buying advertising. In […]

Thinking Like God

Jan 07 2010

http://reconstruction.eserver.org/072/roach.shtml Roach analyzes advertising, myth, and ideology. Taking automobile advertising of the 90s as her central material, she delves into strange conquest fantasies that are being peddled by Madison Avenue. Roach addresses the negative dimension of representations of Mother Nature in several SUV ads. She also interjects the “medieval Christian scholastic concept of ‘aseity’” into […]

Not So Green Motors

Jan 07 2010

Perhaps the fact that it has disappeared so quickly is evidence of the vapidness of Honda’s myearthdream.com concept. Reaching out to race fans while simultaneously funding petrol wasting automobile racing must have created some cognitive dissonance even for the auto executives. But this schlock is part of what makes analyzing greenwashing interesting. A lot of […]

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