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Dumb “Wild” Hummer commercial begs the question, Could a company be more out of touch with the environmental impact of its products?
General Electric churns out plastics, aircraft engines, nuclear reactors, media spin (through NBC, CNBC, Telemundo, and msnbc.com), and inedible fish in the Hudson River, but they work hard to clean their public image.
The Coca-Cola Company Global Water Stewardship might make you think the soda giant is bringing fresh drinking water to underdeveloped nations, when really this is closer to the truth. Its a pretty cover-up for privatizing the water supplies in India.
It’s not just for corporations anymore, governments are in on the act.
Anyone for bad fruits?

Is the glass half full or half empty? Is it better to criticize corporate hypocrisy or to save criticism for companies that don’t even bother to offset their negative environmental impact with feel-good projects?
How can we take action against greenwashing?
How can commercial capitalism be reconciled with environmental sustainability?
What about Voluntary Carbon Offsets?
How about inventing a machine that eats up all the CO2?
Recycling! Does it really help?
Do you believe in global warming?



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