Beyond Credibility

Jan 06 2009

No company has gone to such great lengths to project a green image as energy giant BP. In 2000, a year after BP ventured into renewable energy by scooping up Solarex for $45 million, it paid more than four times as much on rebranding, dropping its full name of British Petroleum to become simply BP while adopting the environmentally friendly slogan “Beyond Petroleum” and putting up billboards to promote itself as an alternative-energy company. But has the company really moved beyond petroleum? The BP website tells it straight: “Our main activities are the exploration and production of crude oil and natural gas; refining, marketing, supply and transportation; and the manufacture and marketing of petrochemicals.”

Now it’s been reported that BP is planning to conduct hugely counterproductive extraction of oil in Canada, what is being described by environmentalists as the biggest environmental crime in history