Not So Green Motors

Jan 07 2010

Perhaps the fact that it has disappeared so quickly is evidence of the vapidness of Honda’s concept. Reaching out to race fans while simultaneously funding petrol wasting automobile racing must have created some cognitive dissonance even for the auto executives. But this schlock is part of what makes analyzing greenwashing interesting. A lot of people must see this stuff and thing, ‘gee, Honda cares about the environment.’

Meanwhile, despite portraying itself as a green player, Toyota has resisted efforts to increase fuel efficiency

Jeep of the Jungle

This series of advertisements treats endangered animals as fun props in the service of selling vehicles
that contribute to global warming and off-road habitat degradation. Nice job, Jeep!

Not to be outdone, General Motors has brought the distortion of nature to new lows in its own series of ads for the Hummer. These dumb “Wild” Hummer commercial beg the question, Could a company be more out of touch with the environmental impact of its products?

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