Carbon Offsets Effective?

Jan 07 2010

Voluntary Carbon Offsets

Does it really help?

Alice Kenny: Environmentalists Clash Over Carbon Offsets

A critique from The Nation

It should be the responsibilty of corporations to reduce pollution, not something they should be paid to do. Furthermore, a few small changes in individual lifestyle might be more effective than shelling out cash. Ah, but here we are back to the half-empty, half-full dilemma. I don’t know!!! I guess if a company is using my money to plant trees or build windmills it might be making a difference, but I find it hard to believe my checkbook can solve global warming. It’s like having bypass surgery instead of changing my diet to prevent a heart attack.

CarbonFree (TM)

Ecofuture, producers of a CFL light bulb dubbed “THE bulb” (, have labeled their product with a CarbonFree logo, right along side the Energy Star logo. The company claims to offset “all” CO2 emissions of their light bulbs by donating to Both “THE bulb” and “CarbonFree?” are trademarks of Link