Nuclear Broadcasting

Jan 07 2010

The Better Business Bureau demanded that the Nuclear Energy Institute pull its misleading ads from The New York Times, Washington Post, and other major newspapers and magazines, because its claims were misleading.

The NEI claims that “Nuclear energy generates electricity without polluting the air and water” and that it is “environmentally clean.”

Independent researchers, however, concluded that nuclear plants do cause thermal water pollution and that the processes needed to produce the uranium-enriched fuel for nuclear plants cause air pollution.

A few print ads are nothing compared to the 24/7 spin on the corporate controlled broadcast networks. Consider the media activities of GE, under the guise of MSNBC, NBC, etc. Glenn Greenwald’s analysis of the truce between Fox and MSNBC/GE is a measure of how corporate interests dictate programming. Issues that might otherwise have come to light as a result of the mudslinging are once again resigned to a silence by consent.

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