Thinking Like God

Jan 07 2010

Roach analyzes advertising, myth, and ideology. Taking automobile advertising of the 90s as her central material, she delves into strange conquest fantasies that are being peddled by Madison Avenue. Roach addresses the negative dimension of representations of Mother Nature in several SUV ads. She also interjects the “medieval Christian scholastic concept of ‘aseity'” into her interpretation of advertising messages.

Further reading: Roach’s Mother / Nature: Popular Culture and Environmental Ethics

The End of Nature

Jan 06 2010

Bill McKibben’s classic, foreshadowing of the present has been updated. Originally published in 1989, the new introduction to this text recounts how at the time he originally wrote the book, the scientific writings on global warming would have fit on a desk, whereas now the many investigations of it would fill an airplane hanger.

“The dramatic findings of the scientific community have been muted, thanks to a powerful campaign of disinformation launched and funded by those industries that can’t imagine a future without fossil fuels.”

All in all the book holds up pretty well after nearly 20 years.