Aug 13 2018

A humorous and informative account of contemporary disinformation through fake grass-roots advocacy. John Oliver delivers the goods on secretive marketing that is deliberately confusing us. From paid protesters who are sworn to secrecy, to professional, lying witnesses, to front organizations with misleading names, the astroturf industry has become a popular way for dirty companies to […]

Military Admits Climate Crisis, Shirks Responsibility

Sep 19 2016

A report detailing the many security risks of climate change is notable for the many military leaders who helped to prepare it.  However, there is not mention of the military’s complicity in the production of climate crisis.   In 2009, the daily oil consumption of the U.S. military was estimated at 359,000 barrels of oil a day. […]

Banks Greenwash Their Billions

Sep 19 2016

As Climate Week 2016 kicked off in New York City, the Rainforest Action Network has drawn attention to the enormous destructive investments of Bank of America, J P Morgan Chase, and Bank of the West – all three sponsors of Climate Week.  According to an article published today citing the Shorting the Climate report, the banks pumped […]

Keystone pipeline leaking more than admitted by operator

Apr 13 2016

TransCanada initially told regulators the April 2016 spill totaled about 187 gallons of oil. TransCanada later admitted the Keystone pipeline has leaked about 16,800 gallons in South Dakota, a dramatic increase from initial estimates. That first media blast couldn’t possibly have been spin control happy talk, right?

Waste Land

Feb 24 2013

This documentary follows the artist Vik Muniz as engages with workers at the world’s largest garbage dump, Jardim Gramacho, on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro. He turns these pickers of recyclable materials into artistic collaborators, introducing them to the well heeled world of the global art market. Part of the proceeds from the sale […]

A Dark Truth

Feb 24 2013

This 2012 film starring Andy Garcia and Forrest Whitaker is liable to fly under the radar due to its anti-corporate theme, but it is worth a look.  The central conflict of this action and suspense thriller is between Ecuadoran peasants and greedy executives who are financing military supression to further their corporatization of water.  While […]

The Age of Stupid

Mar 10 2012

In this 2009 film, set in the year 2055, Oscar-nominee Pete Postlethwaite plays an archivist who looks back on the present and asks: Why didn’t we do something about climate change before it was too late? Unlike the rollercoaster thriller “2012”, the anxieties are not so easily diffused at the end of this film. Not […]


Jan 21 2011

If you are going to see one documentary this year, Tapped may be the one that gives you the most useful information. Find out why bottled water isn’t all that great for you or the environment.

No Impact Man

Oct 29 2010

Colin Beavan and his family set out to minimize their ecological footprint. The details are captured in this documentary. While critics have faulted the project in any number of ways, seeing how one goes about reducing environmental impact is worthwhile. Watching made this viewer realize that he could do better. The negative reception given to […]

Spill » Forward

Jun 28 2010

The disaster in the Gulf of Mexico frames this exhibition, presented by Transnational Temps and hosted by MediaNoche.

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